Healthy Chocolate Superfood – Fact Or Fiction? Science Or Scam?

Everyone loves chocolate. It is the food of the gods. Humanity’s favorite vice… or is it?

For decades we’ve been told it would make us fat, destroy our health, and even give us zits. Now scientists and nutrition experts are telling us it may be the #1 superfood.

What changed? Is there any truth to these reports? Is someone playing a cruel joke?


Recent research has found that truthfully, pure cocoa is extremely high in flavonoids, antioxidants and amino acids – all of which have been shown to be very beneficial. Antioxidants have been in the news for a long time now, especially because research indicates that they slow the aging process. Flavonoids are great for increasing cardiovascular health, including lowering LDL cholesterol and reducing blood pressure.

Amino acids have many benefits, not the least of which is to elevate and regulate moods. No wonder you think chocolate makes you feel better!! Science shows that this is a fact!


To top it all off, the experts are now telling us that pure, dark chocolate can even be a significant factor in weight loss and weight management.

The product of choice that slows the aging process and may help you lose those unwanted pounds is not the one in that heart shaped box you got for Valentine’s Day, or the one in the gold wrapper at the candy store. While quite delicious, those candies are loaded with sugar, fat, wax and sometimes hydrogenated oils. In addition, the cocoa in these candies is highly processed, which has destroyed most all of the antioxidants, flavonoids – basically destroying the benefits.

Healthy cocoa, on the other hand, is processed in a totally different way, according to the scientists that have found it to be such an amazing superfood. It is cold pressed, to maintain the antioxidants and nutrients, and sometimes is combined with other highly nutritious foods like acai and blueberries.

The truly healthy choices also leave out the added processed sugar, fats, and hydrogenated oils. The best part about this nutritious chocolate?? It still tastes heavenly!

Updated: November 16, 2017 — 6:07 pm
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