7 Tips on The Best Ways To Not Let Tension Impact Your Weight

7 Tips on How to Not Let Stress Affect Your WeightIs stress affecting you in your battle to lose weight? In our daily life, we face a lot of stress either in our personal or work life, but there is also a handful of some whose stress is as a result of your diets.

Thus, there is this recycling or vicious cycle of the more stress we have, the more food we consume. Most people when they are under stress tend to engage in really some unhealthy habits like uncontrolled excess eating and this can be proven biologically that intense stress might tend to an increase in body mass.


We often hear people say “am stressed up, therefore I eat”. To them they overeat when they are either stress at home or at their job site. If you are one those, then please read the following guidelines very carefully so that you can be able to handle stress-related eating habits which are unhealthy too;


One of such important tip is to practice waiting or to always postpone your pleasure for food when you are hungry. When hunger hits, always tell yourself that you have to 20 to 40 minutes before you can eat. The chances for success are good if you desire for food are only as a result of stress. They gradually die down when you actually distract yourself a bid. Also worth noting is the fact that you should endeavor to keep a food journal or record on all what you eat each day. Writing down every snack or take away will aid you in reminding yourself to always think before eating.

Secondly, it is also advisable to turn to a friend or enlist a friend`s help when you are tempted by a stress-related desire for food. After a hectic or stressful day at the office, you feel like eating then why not give a friend a call or probably write him/her a note so as to distract yourself a little. Besides that, you should eat regularly but healthy snacks so as to maintain your level of energy. It is definitely not good to skip your meals as this will only prompt you to crave even more and by the time you get to eat you will eat unhealthily.


Another key point to note is by physically removing any food items that might lure you to eating away from your home or office. Never allow yourself to be controlled by food especially when out there in the shopping mall, try as much as possible to avoid some really unhealthy foods and try to stick only on what is in your list which is actually good and healthy.


Finally, after all the intense stress either at the office or at home, it is good to take some time off in your busy schedule to rest, reflect and of course relax(3 R`s). Relaxation here can range from engaging in some fun activities like games that are going to revive and revitalize you, very essential.


It should be recalled here that when we talk about your health, it is definitely not just about your physical well-being but also your mental state as well. So you have to reduce your stress level every day!



Updated: February 16, 2018 — 1:33 am

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